About Me

Theater / Broadway headshot taken by D'Mitrius Rios.

My name is D’Mitrius Rios, and I am the creator of “The Broadway Buzz.” I am a student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in English. I decided to write about theater because I developed a passion for it when I joined choir in middle school and became the lead in my fall school production of “Little Shop of Horrors” in high school. I chose theater, but more specifically musicals, because I have a lot of experience with them, like seen a lot of productions, met a few theater stars, and collect Playbills. My passion for theater came late in my life, and I regret every bit that it did not happen earlier. I joined theater, in high school, after the fall school production during my senior year. I have dreams of being on Broadway and in certain theater productions someday and would like to play some characters, like Edna Turnblad from “Hairspray” and Angel Dumott Schunard from “RENT.” I enjoy writing about theatre and musicals because I want other people to have the same passion as I do for the topic, and if they have never heard about theatre or seen a production, I would like to help them get started on their theatrical journey. If you have any questions or recommendations for shows or cast recordings in New York City, the West End, or a city near you, email me at dmitriusrios@gmail.com

P.S. My first recommendation is to see Hamilton wherever it stops near you, at the Richard Rodgers theater in New York City or at the Victoria Palace Theater in the West End. I also recommend purchasing or listening to the cast recording because Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music and lyrics for the entire show. Lastly, you can also watch the ProShot version of the Broadway production with the original cast on Disney+.