It tells the ups and downs of eight individuals who are a group of friends that live in Manhattan’s East Village. A filmmaker, Mark, struggles to find his way in the world and a musician, Roger, who tries to leave his mark in the world. Two young lovers, Mimi and Angel, try to find true love as they face harsh realities with Roger and Tom, an anarchist professor. The businesswoman, Joanne, seeks fidelity with her performing artist girlfriend, Maureen, while a landlord, Benny, tries to kick them out of their apartment and make them live on the street.

Beauty and the Beast

It tells the story of a young and arrogant prince who turns away a wicked enchantress and after finding she is actually beautiful; she casts a spell on him by turning him into a beast and his servants into talking furniture. To break the spell, he must learn to love and has to be loved in return, and with that, he meets a headstrong and spirited girl in his castle by the imprisoned of her father. While there, she meets the servants and discovers her father is imprisoned but decides to take her father’s place by beginning to draw out the Beast of his isolation and falling in love.


It tells the imaginative story of a bright little girl who gets extraordinary powers by finding refuge in library books and creating her own stories.  As growing up, Matilda is faced with many obstacles, like at home with her abusive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, and gormlessly brother, Michael Wormwood, and at school with the outrageous and wicked headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. While being at school, she finds companionship with her teacher, Miss Honey, and discovers she is remarkable by standing up against adults and telling her classmates that life can be hard, but nobody is going to change your story, so sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”

Dirty Dancing

It is about Baby, a sweet daddy’s girl, who goes to a resort with her family for a vacation. While there, she ends up developing a crush on the dance instructor and gets close to the employees. She finds out that another worker is pregnant and lies to her father to give her money for an illegal abortion. As this is happening, she fills in as a dance partner to the dance instructor and ends up having the best time of her life.


It is a production about a Greek story in the style of Dr. Seuss. It transforms this literary classic into a rhyming poem. You follow Odysseus and his suitors on their journey as they tackle Cyclops, Poseidon, Circe, and many more Greek mythology characters. The comedic play takes you from Ithaca to Troy and shows a horrific battle between teddy bears. This show is an entertaining twist on a Greek tale and for the whole family to see with singing, laughing and green eggs and ham.

Little Shop of Horrors

It is about Seymour, a meek nerd, who got adopted by Mr. Mushnik, an owner of a flower shop in downtown Skid Row and works for him as an assistant with his female associate Audrey. While being as a florist, he develops a crush with Audrey and buys a strange plant, on the day of a solar eclipse. He names the plant Audrey II and discovers the plant can talk, eat only human flesh, grow tremendously and ends up taking over the world.