The Sound of Music

It tells the story of a woman named Maria Rainer on the journey of becoming a nun but breaks the rules by singing and getting caught by the other nuns. The Mother Abbess, head of the nunnery, decides to send Maria to a family to become their governess. While she is there, she ends up falling in love with the children and their father, Captain Georg Von Trapp. The captain gets an order to work for the German navy, but he is against the Nazis and decides to run away on foot to Austria over the mountains with Maria and his children after marrying her.


Αlso known as Alpha Psi Omega, it is a co-ed theatre fraternity at Texas State University. I had an interest in joining a fraternity when I transferred in Spring 2017, except I had to wait a whole semester. When it came to the Fall 2017 semester, I did not know what fraternity to join, but I did know it was not going to be a Greek one. I finally came to a decision to join a theatre fraternity because it started out me trying to form a musical theatre club. Still, when I emailed to head of the department, she told me that I might have an interest in Alpha Psi Omega. I knew some friends who were already in it to get their opinions, and I liked what they had to say, so I decided to give it a chance. As I was waiting for an email to an interest meeting, I realized that I was too late and emailed the Pledge Official.


It tells the story of Jenna, a woman who is pregnant without any desire, that is trapped in an abusive relationship in a very small town. She escapes her trauma by baking pies and names them by their ingredients and events she is going through. She works as a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner with her best friends and sells her pies. When she meets the new male gynecologist, she ends up getting sparks and having romantic feelings.

Little Shop of Horrors

It is about Seymour, a meek nerd, who got adopted by Mr. Mushnik, an owner of a flower shop in downtown Skid Row and works for him as an assistant with his female associate Audrey. While being as a florist, he develops a crush with Audrey and buys a strange plant, on the day of a solar eclipse. He names the plant Audrey II and discovers the plant can talk, eat only human flesh, grow tremendously and ends up taking over the world.