Little Shop of Horrors

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios
Our cast photo

Skid Row (Downtown)

Little Shop of Horrors is about Seymour, a meek nerd, who got adopted by Mr. Mushnik, an owner of a flower shop in downtown Skid Row and works for him as an assistant with his female associate Audrey. While being as a florist, he develops a crush with Audrey and buys a strange plant, on the day of a solar eclipse. He names the plant Audrey II and discovers the plant can talk, eat only human flesh, grow tremendously and ends up taking over the world.

Somewhere That’s Green

Little Shop of Horrors is important to me because it was my first role as an actor. It started during my senior year of high school when I got cast in our high school production as the lead role of Audrey II. When I auditioned for the production, I didn’t have a monologue memorized and had to do a cold read but did horrific during the dance section. I got excited because I made it to the callbacks, but when I was there, I had originally read for Mr. Mushnik.

Suddenly, Seymour

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Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios