Dirty Dancing

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios
The stage layout for Dirty Dancing

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

Dirty Dancing is about Baby, a sweet daddy’s girl, who goes to a resort with her family for a vacation. While there, she ends up developing a crush on the dance instructor and gets close to the employees. She finds out that another worker is pregnant and lies to her father to give her money for an illegal abortion. As this is happening, she fills in as a dance partner to the dance instructor and ends up having the best time of her life.

Johnny’s Mambo

Dirty Dancing was actually my first Broadway production as I had to see it my freshman year of college because for an assignment in my Introduction to Theatre course at Northwest Vista College at the time. It also important to me because I got to see the production with one of my best friends. This was one of my favorite musicals to watch live on stage because I have always cherished the movie.

Do You Love Me?

Dirty Dancing is an extraordinary musical adaptation of the 1987 film because it included timeless moments, catchphrases and songs from the motion picture that everybody knows. The best moment of the production was the ending scene and performance of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” because it was truly iconic and a part that people always expect. The production has been touring quite a while in the United States and various different countries across the globe being watched by tons of people because there’s a place in our hearts for this Broadway musical.

Tip: You can purchase tickets to this musical production and see at your local theatre at the Dirty Dancing on Tour Website.

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios