Beauty and the Beast

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios
The stage layout for Beauty & The Beast

Be Our Guest

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a young and arrogant prince who turns away a wicked enchantress and after finding she is actually beautiful; she casts a spell on him by turning him into a beast and his servants into talking furniture. To break the spell, he must learn to love and has to be loved in return, and with that, he meets a headstrong and spirited girl in his castle by the imprisoned of her father. While there, she meets the servants and discovers her father is imprisoned but decides to take her father’s place by beginning to draw out the Beast of his isolation and falling in love.

Human Again

Beauty and the Beast is important to me because I am a big Disney fan and truly love everything and anything from the company, but mostly it’s because I saw this production with my mother. The tale has a very important life lesson for me, my family and others basically telling the world to not judge a book by a cover. It was my first musical to experience the show in orchestra seating and I strongly love witnessing them from any view because you are seeing it right in front of your eyes, but the closer the better.


Beauty and the Beast is an amazing production because it is a stage adaptation of the 1996 Oscar award-winning Disney motion picture with some changes brought to life just for people to see only on Broadway. It is one of the productions that changed Broadway musicals due to being one of the first animation films to become a Broadway musical. Disney has been making its many movies into extraordinary stage productions, like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Newsies, right after this musical had won many Tony Awards and got plenty of buzz within the community.

Tip: Beauty and the Beast are currently not on tour and on Broadway in New York City, but you can purchase the soundtrack on iTunes.

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios