Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios
The stage layout for RENT

La Vie Boheme

RENT tells the ups and downs of eight individuals who are a group of friends that live in Manhattan’s East Village. A filmmaker, Mark, struggles to find his way in the world and a musician, Roger, who tries to leave his mark in the world. Two young lovers, Mimi and Angel, try to find true love as they face harsh realities with Roger and Tom, an anarchist professor. The businesswoman, Joanne, seeks fidelity with her performing artist girlfriend, Maureen, while a landlord, Benny, tries to kick them out of their apartment and make them live on the street.

Take Me or Leave

RENT is an important musical to me because it is a Broadway musical that showcases gay culture through poverty, homelessness, drag queens and punk. I have a theater dream to play Angel Dumott Schunard because you get to experience the character at a young age doing drag and being a musician. This musical talks about and portrays HIV/AIDS in the early ’90s in New York City within the gay culture because it was a disease that we could not find a cure for.

Seasons of Love

RENT is an exceptional piece of work through the eyes of Jonathan Larson because he died of an aortic dissection right before the premiere of the Off-Broadway musical. Due to the population of the musical due to Larson’s death, the production transferred to Broadway within the next few days. This work has gotten so much acclaim that it won many Tony Awards and even became a motion picture.

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Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios