Dear Evan Hansen

Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios
The stage layout for Dear Evan Hansen

Waving Through a Window

Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of Evan Hansen, a high school student with a social anxiety disorder, who fabricated a relationship with Connor, a deceased student that committed suicide, to get closer to his sister and parents. When Evan becomes the center of it all, he pretends he was Connor’s best friend, made fake emails, and became viral after making a speech about loneliness and friendship. After getting drawn deeper into his lies and getting everything, he wanted, he is forced to make a decision to give himself over the fantasy or risk losing it all.

Sincerely, Me

Dear Evan Hansen is important to me because it is a Broadway musical that tackles mental illness. I have been dealing with anxiety for two years now and it is a struggle, but more importantly, I understand what Evan is going through about being lonely and hard to make friends. I sometimes feel lonely and think I have no friends, but at the end of the day, I think about the ones I have and thankful for. I truly appreciate this musical because it tells you that you are not alone, and that you will be found.

You Will Be Found

Dear Evan Hansen is a Tony Award-winning Broadway production with music & lyrics by Pasek & Paul, the team behind the music of La La Land and The Greatest Showman. The production came to mind from memories when a high school student died at Benj Pasek’s high school and how a number of people claimed the student was their best friend. Its uplifting message about finding yourself and reaching a handout is important because no one is alone.

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Photo taken by D'Mitrius Rios